Design Culture in Jordan

generally speaking design culture in Jordan has never been successful in
bridging the gap between right brained and left brained people,
Often a project starts and ends with both parties unaware of the other
process, briefing art is wrongly interrupted by handlers as a vehicle to
deliver the clients requirements and lacks creative igniting insights or
added value input. Encouraged by short deadlines, raw bits and pieces
of information are thrown in the creative oven hoping to bake it into fresh
and tasty artworks.
To our everlasting shame, we still use generic criticism phrases like “Ma
7abito” to judge a creative which didn’t match our expectations, as if it’s
not our job in first place to contribute to that creative.
On the other hand designers are being single minded, too cocooned in
their own fancy world, and lack the necessary depth to visualize the big
picture, and sometimes lack communication and problem solving skills,
which are integral part of the creative process.
My two cents worth of wisdom: if we are all afraid of walking a fine line
plan to produce a fine-looking functional design just because a good creative
should strike us like something coming from the outer space, then
we should tolerate severe surprising injuries.


About senangh

Creative Director / Filmmaker

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