Every Wall is a Door

(KHIBC) Opening the Door for Cancer Survivors through a New Brand

OAS part of King Hussein Ins;tute for Biotechnology and Cancer, aspires to become a separate
non‐for‐profit en;ty serving all cancer care venues in Jordan. The incep;on and establishing of
OAS is atributed and credited to passionate officials of KHIBC who hope to see beter services
offered to cancer pa;ents in Jordan.

The challenge was to build the right methodology to design verbal iden;ty, considering phone;cs,
linguis;cs, psychology, marke;ng strategy, law, popular culture and not‐so common common sense
to produce a name that made the right statement.

Realizing that visual iden;ty was depending on verbal iden;ty, Brandure begun with defining the brand
strategy, personality and core values. Then developed a brand voice selec;on matrix which was composed
of three stages aFer name list genera;on (emo;onal response, ra;onal response and tes;ng the results).
More than 20 names were proposed then narrowed down to three which were subject to visual
explora;ons and applica;on.
The chosen “Bab Alamal” literally translated “Door of Hope” name and visual iden;ty was a big success as it
combined a vivid visual style inspired directly from the name. The tagline “every wall is a door” was also
successful by‐product of the verbal iden;ty which proved to be successful in capturing the brand promise.


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