Giving Life Back to the Palm

(Saudi Environmental Society) Brand Revitalizing Gives Life
Back to the Palm

Established as in 2006 the Saudi Environmental Society holds the responsibility of developing
environment in Saudi Arabia, capacity building for the residences of the remote destinations, facing
environmental concerns by creating sustainable environmental programs, laying the foundation stone for
volunteers, vitalizing the role of the private sector in facing environmental issues through nature
conservation, and protecting the natural resources and wildlife in the kingdom. Saudi Environmental
Society was looking for a holistic plan to revitalize its activities in the country.

Brandure realized the challenge was beyond the aspects of designing a new visual identity. It was more
about developing a holistic brand strategy that will deliver the values of the society to the target
audience, ultimately granting the NGO a broad base of members, volunteers and sponsors.
Another challenge was shifting the old perception about the Saudi Environmental Society which was
know to the general public through its public awareness programs and ac;vi;es, through altering that
percep;on to a brand that stands for something bigger and more versatile, turning brand image into an
umbrella which covers capacity building programs, eco‐label program, educational center and urban
planning consultant.

A new name and iden;ty design were formulated by Brandure, the visual and verbal messaging of the
new identity were carried across many adaptations and explorations. SENS was the new craFed name for
the brand, and the new tag‐line for SENS “Nature bringing us together” was translated into a successful
advertising approach to get the values of the new brand to the public through carrying the message
whilst utilizing well‐known Environment ambassadors who covered and reached out to different
segments of the general public. Functional design was the key for many creative solutions Brandure
presented , such as selling branded Environmental products.


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