Sailing a GIG


The new identity was designed to embrace GIG’s vision in
being a regional leader, with a quest for regional growth and expansion.
The mark inspires its dynamic form and colors from ocean waves, shaping
a globe form energized by motion… Another addition that makes
Gulf mark so unique is the subtle calligraphic style it embodies within
these waves.
The GIG letters are a customized type, with clear sharp ends and smooth
curves, GIG logotype were cut out especially to suit its mark, bringing a
unique differentiation for GIG signature.

Exploring Gulf

Throughout the development and exploration process of Gulf Insurance
Logo and Visual Identity, various mainstreams were explored based on
our creative insights, e.g. the relationship between the sun and water
had potential to reflect GIG brand essence, modern Arabic calligraphy
styles, initials letter, forward arrows and combination of those directions.

Each brand has a personality traits which plays a vital role in differentiating
the brand, and acts as a driver and reference for brand related
A common analogy is if GIG brand was a person, a thing, a plant, a car…
etc what would it be? we see Gulf Insurance brand personality best
reflected by the name that it originally stands for “The Gulf”
Just by meditating through the never ending gulf currents, we can feel
the strength of nature, the phenomenal great power of consistency, the
power to carry great loads over it shoulder and run with it, an ocean
of countless drops all running toward one direction. The Gulf is simply
magical world which entices us just by gazing at it, or entice us more if
we decide to dive deep and explore it’s diverse treasures and offerings…
GIG is deep, dynamic, cool, moving, spreading, enticing.


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