Designers Seek Salvation…

This is a draft…

Again this is another proof that people seem to know a real work from spam, is this gut feeling, sixth sense, telepathy or is it that they feel the amount of hard work you’ve invested in a little space… well if this is the case then we all should be happy as designers, because this is the salvation we all waited for…  a good judgment will solve the ever existing issue of the pragmatic nature of visual judgment, you judge on what you see, some might ask so what is there else to judge if we are judging a visual product, if a film’s picture is mediocre what else is there to judge, can we buy an umbrella which is unable to protect us from sun and rain?

In visual culture, the question is yes, actually sometimes you don’t care if it protects you or not, yet you care more about its design, and color and other measurements.

Now is this fair… fair for what?

well I have learned alot of things by studying film, let me tell you one thing, there is a million other things to judge…. This is just a draft and will be revised later


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