3d Charachters

We are fascinated by 3d movies, yet a lot of times we never pay attention to the third dimension some characters can build.
This great scene from Ridley Scott’s Black Hawk Down has a great cinematography, acting and above all a great dialogue…

Reading the screenplay, you immediately grasp that Atto is not an absolute villain or at least he is not a two dimensional character,
In a previous scene we see Atto reading USA TODAY which hints he is a sophisticated person, he speaks English, and he is keen to learn more about his opponents. Garrison on the other hand seems to know that well, he did his homework reading Atto’s profile hoping that he will lead him to a bigger catch; Aidid.

I like the fact that Garrison seems indifferent to Atto’s super-philosophies and he makes it clear to Atto’s in more than one occasion that he doesn’t care about the superficial image Atto has developed about his country, the prologue smartly builds a comparison between both sides, two are smoking cigars but for totally different reasons, so its no longer a dialogue between between a prisoner and an interrogator, its a dialogue between two different cultures.

Atto-General Garrison
Garrison-No thanks, I got one.
Atto-But these are Cuban. Bolivar Belicoso.
Garrison-So is this.
Atto-(laughs) – Miami my friend, is not Cuba. I see not catching Aidid is becoming a routine.
Garrison-We weren’t trying to catch Aidid, we were trying to catch you.
Atto-Me? But am I that important? I hardly think so.
Garrison-You’re just a businessman.
Atto-Trying to make a living.
Garrison-selling guns to Aidids militia.
Atto-You’ve been here what, 6 weeks? 6 weeks you are trying to catch the General. you put up reward posters. 25,000 dollars. What is this, gunfight at the KO corral?
Garrison-It’s uhh- It’s the OK corral.
Atto-Do you think bringing me in would make him suddenly come to you? Make him more agreeable? Hmm?
Garrison-Well you know where he sleeps. You pay for his bed, much less his militia. We’re not leaving Somalia until we find him. And we will find him.
Atto-Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just because I grew up without running water I am simple General. I do know something about History. See all this, it is simply shaping tomorrow. A tomorrow without a lot of Arkansas white boy’s ideas in it.
Garrison-Well, I wouldn’t know about that, I’m from Texas.
Atto-Mr. Garrison, I think you shouldn’t have come here. This is civil war; this is our war, not yours.
Garrison-300,000 dead, and counting. That’s not war Mr. Atto, that’s genocide. Now you enjoy that tea, you hear.



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  1. Atto certainly is a great character to see. His cool way of being composed and the way he speaks is very interesting. But he is certainly a mystery. I still feel that his motives are somewhat shrouded. Great post and blog, by the way.

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