Viva la RFC!

I got a phone call from the Royal Film Commission telling me that my short film “The Guiding Light” will be screened at the film house on Monday, 25th of Feb 2013. Well, I have to admit that I am happy, not only because this is my second film debut (as a film-student) that made it into a public screening, but also because I now know that we have a great place like that in Jordan. I simply feel proud because RFC helped the production of some of Hollywood’s blockbusters that we watch like the recent Zero Dark Thirty, and they still have a place for amateurs like us. Now, that’s what I call visionary!

My film was done to serve as a graduation project, and needless to say that it was done with a shortage of time, resources and money. So thanks to all of the RFC team, and thanks to the great people like Ahmad Al Khatib at SAE Jordan whom was very supportive during that time, their continuous trust and support made my humble achievement possible.





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